Career Planning


EN services are to inform Ticketholders about The Ticket To Work Program  including short/long term work goals, eligibility, career planning,  Intake form, IWP, Resources, SSI/SSDI, Job Search/Placement (required if  not presently working).

Successful outcomes are steady employment, job retention to self-sufficiency, continue support during/after trial work period.

Job Search or Placement Services (required if not working)

EN will refer Ticketholder(s) to job openings according to  Ticketholders' capabilities, skills, and experience noted on the job  description, and/or job entry level positions; where beneficiary will  gain experience and skills.

Job training provided through employment.

EN will provide information on job leads, resume, hiring events, job fairs, refer Ticketholders to DVR as needed.

Visit ADA.GOV for information on how to disclose your disabilities.

Job Coaching/Training

 EN will provide resources from credible sources.


Job accommodation planning

As needed and with employers cooperation


Self-Employment/Business Start-up

Business planning for self employment 

Resume Highlights:

Compose a functional resume that highlight you skills and work experience 

List paid and unpaid work

Briefly summarize (in positive terms) any relatable volunteer work experience with hours worked

Resume writing assistance available by request to EN